Three main directions and five key tasks! Henan issued a document to speed up the development of new energy vehicle industry

Three main directions and five key tasks! Henan issued a document to speed up the development of new energy vehicle industry

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(Summary description)In order to thoroughly implement the "New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)", seize the opportunity of the national fuel cell vehicle demonstration application, accelerate the integration into the national new energy vehicle industry development pattern, and promote the high-quality development of the auto industry in our province, the provincial The government agrees, and the following guiding opinions are hereby offered, please implement them conscientiously.

Three main directions and five key tasks! Henan issued a document to speed up the development of new energy vehicle industry

(Summary description)In order to thoroughly implement the "New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)", seize the opportunity of the national fuel cell vehicle demonstration application, accelerate the integration into the national new energy vehicle industry development pattern, and promote the high-quality development of the auto industry in our province, the provincial The government agrees, and the following guiding opinions are hereby offered, please implement them conscientiously.

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  • Time of issue:2022-05-24
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General Office of Henan Provincial People's Government
Guiding Opinions on Further Accelerating the Development of the New Energy Vehicle Industry
Henan Government Office [2022] No. 45


The people's governments of all provinces and municipalities, the Jiyuan Demonstration Zone and the Airport Zone Management Committee, and all departments of the provincial people's government:


In order to thoroughly implement the "New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)", seize the opportunity of the national fuel cell vehicle demonstration application, accelerate the integration into the national new energy vehicle industry development pattern, and promote the high-quality development of the auto industry in our province, the provincial The government agrees, and the following guiding opinions are hereby offered, please implement them conscientiously.



1. General requirements


(1) Guiding ideology. Adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the new development concept, anchor the "Two Guarantees", implement the "Ten Strategies", adhere to the combination of government guidance and market leadership, integrate stock and improve quality and increment Combination, external introduction and internal education, adhere to the direction of electrification, networking, and intelligence, optimize industrial layout, improve industrial energy level, build industrial ecology, promote industrial integration, improve infrastructure, accelerate promotion and application, and promote new The development of the energy vehicle industry has been accelerated and improved in quality.


(2) Industrial layout. Develop the vehicle industry with Zhengzhou as the center, focusing on the development of new energy passenger cars, passenger cars and trucks; places with a good industrial foundation focus on developing supporting industries, introducing and cultivating leading enterprises in core parts and components, and striving to build new energy vehicles with national influence. Energy vehicle industry base. Relying on the national fuel cell vehicle demonstration application Zhengzhou city group (hereinafter referred to as Zhengzhou city group), focus on the development of fuel cell trucks and buses, and accelerate the construction of fuel cells with strong independent innovation capability, high level of industrialization, complete supporting facilities, and leading demonstration applications. Automobile industry cluster. Focus on Zhengzhou, Xuchang, Hebi, Jiaozuo and other cities to accelerate the construction of intelligent networked vehicle demonstration application bases.


(3) Main objectives.


1. The scale of the industry has grown by leaps and bounds. By 2025, the annual output of new energy vehicles will exceed 1.5 million, accounting for more than 40% of the province's vehicle output, and efforts will be made to build a 300 billion-level new energy vehicle industry cluster, and strive to promote the province's vehicle output value to reach 500 billion yuan, zero The output value of components and accessories will reach 500 billion yuan, and the operating income from sales and value-added services will reach 500 billion yuan.​​


2. Breakthroughs in key technologies. By 2025, breakthroughs will be made in key technologies in the fields of automotive electronics, power batteries, fuel cells, motor electronic control, vehicle operating systems, and intelligent networked vehicle environment perception, intelligent decision-making, and collaborative control.


3. The supporting capacity has been greatly improved. By 2025, the supporting capabilities of auto parts manufacturers will be significantly improved, and industries such as the Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, hydrogen energy storage, and new materials will be integrated into the entire industry chain of new energy vehicles, basically forming a new industrial ecology.


4. Strong infrastructure protection. By 2025, the technology level, facility scale and operation quality of charging (exchanging) electricity and adding (storing) hydrogen in the province will be significantly improved, and more than 5,000 centralized charging (exchanging) power stations, more than 150,000 charging piles, and hydrogen refueling stations will be built. More than 100 seats, achieving full coverage of key application areas.


5. Green alternatives to the public domain. By 2025, in addition to emergency vehicles, the province's buses, cruise taxis and muck transport vehicles, cement tankers, logistics vehicles, postal vehicles, sanitation vehicles, and online taxis in urban built-up areas will basically use new energy vehicles ; The green replacement rate of heavy-duty trucks and engineering vehicles is over 50%.​​


Second, the main attack direction


(1) Expand the scale of the vehicle.


1. Enhance the competitive advantage of new energy buses. Relying on the technological research and development and competitive advantages of Yutong Bus Company, we will increase the market share of new energy buses in our province. Encourage bus manufacturers to expand light bus products and expand their share in market segments such as traveler vehicles, school buses, official vehicles, and special medical vehicles. Actively carry out road tests and demonstration applications of intelligent networked buses to improve the level of connectivity and intelligence of new energy buses. Seize the construction opportunities of Zhengzhou urban agglomeration and the "Zheng-Bian-Luo-Pu Hydrogen Corridor", and vigorously develop fuel cell buses.


2. Expand the scale of new energy passenger vehicles. Relying on the SAIC Motor Group Co., Ltd. Passenger Car Zhengzhou Branch, Guangzhou Fengshen Automobile Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Branch, Chery Automobile Henan Co., Ltd. and other enterprises to introduce high-quality models, accelerate the production of the Xinggang New Energy Industrial Park project, and expand the middle and high-end products. Scale of passenger car production and sales. Strengthen joint ventures and cooperation with companies such as SAIC Group, Dongfeng Motor Group, BYD Group and new car manufacturers, optimize the product structure of passenger vehicles, and improve capacity utilization.


3. Actively develop new energy trucks. Relying on Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile Co., Ltd., Yutong Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. and other enterprises to expand the market share of pickup trucks and light trucks, and enhance the competitive advantage of medium and heavy trucks. Accelerate the commissioning of projects such as FAW Jiefang New Energy Commercial Vehicle Production Base, Yutong New Energy Commercial Vehicle Base, Henan Futian Zhilan New Energy Commercial Vehicle Phase II and other projects, and cultivate and form a new energy truck industry base.​​


(2) Strengthen supporting industries.


1. Build a 100 billion-level automotive electronics industry cluster. Focus on key areas such as vehicle body electronic control systems, smart sensors, automotive chips, vehicle electrical appliances, automotive wiring harnesses, connectors, vehicle networking and intelligent driving, introduce and cultivate a number of components, modules and software R&D and production enterprises, and accelerate the development of mid-to-high-end Automotive electronic products and key core components, improve the local supporting capabilities of automotive electronics. Promote Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Hebi, Xuchang and other places to build important vehicle electronics and electrical appliances in the central and western regions, and build hundreds of billions of automotive electronics industry clusters.


2. Build a hundred billion power battery industry cluster. Relying on key enterprises and R&D institutions, accelerate the promotion of technological innovations in battery anodes and cathodes, separators, electrolytes, and battery management systems, and strengthen high-strength, light-weight, high-safety, low-cost, and long-life lithium batteries, sodium batteries, and fuel cell systems Technological research, accelerate the development and industrialization of key battery materials such as graphene anode and nano-silicon anode, as well as solid-state power batteries and lithium-sulfur batteries. Promote the transformation and upgrading of power battery enterprises, expand production capacity, introduce and cultivate leading power battery enterprises, and accelerate the formation of a 100 billion-level power battery industry cluster.


3. Build a tens of billions of electric motor electronic control industry clusters. Seize the industrial layout opportunities of leading enterprises in electric motor control, take Zhengzhou metropolitan area as the main undertaking site, introduce and cultivate major projects such as drive motors and motor controllers, and promote the research and development and industrialization of permanent magnet motors and their controllers. Support advantageous enterprises to develop electric air-conditioning, electric steering, electric braking and other products, improve the industrial chain, and accelerate the formation of a 50 billion-level motor and electronic control industry cluster.​​


(3) Provide excellent value-added services.


1. Build a hub automobile sales and import and export distribution center. Relying on the Zhengzhou metropolitan area to attract leading enterprises in the industry to set up regional sales centers, accelerate the development of productive logistics, expand the radius of radiation, and improve economies of scale. Give full play to the advantages of the China Railway Express (Zhengzhou), enhance the import and export capacity of automobiles, and promote the construction of Zhengzhou as an important import and export base of automobiles in the country.​​


2. Vigorously develop aftermarket services. Adhere to organize exhibitions according to production, promote production through exhibitions, build the brand of auto exhibitions, and expand the economic scale of exhibitions. Integrate and standardize the post-market development system, strengthen service value-added services, and accelerate the development of auto service industries such as after-sales service, rental beauty, second-hand car trading, auto insurance, battery charging (recharging), and scrap recycling.


3. Cultivate and expand the consumption of new energy vehicles. Focus on purchasing, use, scrapping and updating and other links, and optimize and improve the consumption policy of new energy vehicles. Support key production enterprises to set up auto finance companies and carry out auto consumer credit and other businesses. Encourage new energy vehicles to go to the countryside, and promote the popularization and application of new energy vehicles in rural areas.​​


3. Key tasks


(1) Strengthen technical research.​​


1. Accelerate the innovation of vehicle integration technology. Implement an innovation-driven strategy, establish and improve a technological innovation system featuring corporate entities, market orientation, and coordination between government, industry, academia, and research, and support enterprises to work together to overcome key core technologies. Encourage vehicle enterprises to increase investment in research and development, gather high-end talents, and improve technological innovation capabilities such as vehicle control, intelligent network connection, CAE (computer-aided engineering) simulation, and integration matching.​​


2. Accelerate the collaborative innovation of the industrial chain. Relying on the Provincial New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicle Electronic and Electrical Industry Research Institute, the Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Vehicle Industry Research Institute, the Provincial Low-Carbon Energy Technology Pilot Base, and the New Energy Battery Pilot Base to build the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, large and medium-sized enterprises Integrate innovative mechanisms. Strengthen the construction of innovation alliances (consortiums), promote cooperation among enterprises, universities, research institutes, and testing institutions, and carry out research and development of key common technologies. Support the construction of the National Inspection, Testing and Certification Public Service Platform Demonstration Zone (Zhongmou) and the National Intelligent Clean Energy Vehicle Quality Inspection and Testing Center (Wuzhi).​​


3. Accelerate the research on the core technology of intelligent networked vehicles. Promote the joint research and development of key technologies such as complex environment fusion perception, intelligent network decision-making and control, and cyber-physical system architecture design. Relying on the introduction and cultivation of enterprises with core technologies and products such as in-vehicle intelligent computing platforms, high-precision maps and positioning, relying on Zhongyuan Science and Technology City, etc., realize industrialization in key areas such as environmental perception, intelligent decision-making, intelligent communication, and intelligent network security.


4. Accelerate the research on the core technology of fuel cell vehicles. Relying on the provincial fuel cell commercial vehicle technology innovation center, promote the key core technologies of fuel cell systems and complete vehicles, and encourage key enterprises to accelerate the research and industrialization of application supporting technologies such as green hydrogen production, hydrogen energy storage and transportation, hydrogen refueling stations, and on-board hydrogen storage . Encourage the use of wind power, photovoltaics, biomass, etc. for green hydrogen production, support the development of hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, transportation and filling equipment, and promote the integrated development of the hydrogen energy industry and new energy vehicles.


(2) Strengthen the advantageous enterprises.


1. Highlight the leading and backbone enterprises to drive. Research and establish a provincial automobile industry investment group, integrate new energy vehicle resources, and revitalize automobile production capacity. Support enterprises to form industrial alliances (consortiums) and build platform-based and professional enterprise groups with international competitiveness. Support automobile enterprises to jointly develop and produce products through technology, brand, equity investment, production capacity cooperation, etc., improve industrial concentration and capacity utilization, and achieve large-scale and intensive development.


2. Accelerate the cultivation of "specialized and special new" enterprises. Focus on sensors, communication chips, microprocessors, drivers, software algorithms, connectors, fuse boxes, connectors and other segments, and vigorously promote core basic components and components, basic software, advanced basic processes, and key basic materials , Make up for shortcomings in the basic field of industrial technology, accelerate the cultivation of a group of "specialized, special and new" enterprises with outstanding main business, strong innovation ability and good growth potential, and strive to cultivate a group of single champions and "little giant" enterprises in the manufacturing industry.


(3) Strengthen the promotion and application.


1. Speed ​​up the promotion and demonstration application of new energy vehicles. The new or updated buses, sanitation vehicles, cruise taxis and online taxis connected to the platform all use new energy vehicles in the built-up areas of cities around the world. Provincial and municipal party and government organs purchase new energy vehicles for not less than 50% of new and updated official vehicles every year. With passenger vehicles as application traction, freight vehicles as the main application scenarios, and passenger vehicles as auxiliary, the demonstration application of fuel cell vehicles will be carried out, and the business card of Henan hydrogen energy cultural tourism and logistics will be created.


2. Carry out demonstration applications of intelligent networked vehicles. Encourage demonstration applications of intelligent networked vehicles in the fields of public transportation, sanitation, logistics, rental and other closed places such as large mines and airports, and support enterprises to build or upgrade new energy and intelligent networked vehicle cloud control data platforms. With the goal of building a world-class ICV brand event and building a global ICV exchange platform, the China (Zhengzhou) International ICV Competition will be held to actively build an intelligent driving industry ecosystem.


(4) Improve infrastructure.


1. Speed ​​up the construction of charging (exchange) facilities. Focus on promoting the construction of self-use charging piles in residential areas and charging (exchange) facilities in public institutions, enterprises, industrial parks, and parking lots, speed up the layout of fast charging facilities in trunk highway service areas, and actively promote centralized charging (exchange) facilities in public parking lots Construction, and orderly promote the construction of rural charging (exchange) facilities. Focusing on high-utilization scenarios such as ports and logistics, research and deploy shared swap stations for dedicated vehicles, and explore the sharing mode of battery swap services.


2. Promoting the construction of hydrogenation facilities in an orderly manner. Research and plan the construction of hydrogen refueling stations in the Zhengzhou urban agglomeration, formulate supervision methods and special plans for the construction of hydrogen refueling stations, and improve the construction, operation and safety management mechanism of hydrogen refueling stations. Guide enterprises to build hydrogenation infrastructure according to hydrogen fuel supply, consumption demand, etc., and improve the level of safe operation. Support the use of existing sites and facilities to carry out comprehensive supply services for oil, gas, hydrogen and electricity.


3. Promote the construction of intelligent road network facilities. Revise the provincial administrative measures for road testing and demonstration of intelligent networked vehicles in a timely manner, promote the adaptive transformation of existing road infrastructure and the construction of intelligent infrastructure in stages and regions, study and formulate relevant standards for the intelligent construction and transformation of urban road infrastructure, and speed up construction management platform.


(5) Promote integrated development.​​


1. Promote the integration and application of new energy vehicles and intelligent technologies. Accelerate the development and integration of core industrial software such as new energy vehicle intelligent manufacturing simulation, management, and control, and carry out application demonstrations in smart factories and digital workshops. Accelerate the promotion and application of the collaborative management system for the entire product life cycle, support the construction of an integrated demonstration platform for design, manufacturing and service, and improve the intelligence level of the entire industry chain of new energy vehicles. Promote the deep integration of "manufacturing + service", vigorously cultivate supply chain service-oriented enterprises, and provide professional and integrated productive services.​​


2. Promote the integrated development of new energy vehicles and information communication. Support Zhengzhou City to build a national-level IoV pilot area, accelerate the transformation of IoV functions and core system capabilities of transportation facilities in key areas, and promote cross-regional development of intelligent connected vehicles, road infrastructure, IoV communication networks, transportation application services, and identity authentication. , Cross-platform interconnection. Accelerate the construction of network security assurance capabilities for the Internet of Vehicles, build an identity authentication and security trust system for the Internet of Vehicles, promote the application of commercial passwords, and strengthen the communication security of the Internet of Vehicles.​​


3. Promote the interaction between new energy vehicles and grid energy. Explore and carry out demonstration applications of energy interaction between new energy vehicles and power grids, coordinate the charging and discharging requirements of new energy vehicles, power dispatching requirements, and comprehensively apply policies such as time-of-use electricity pricing to achieve efficient interaction between new energy vehicles and grid energy, reduce the cost of electricity for new energy vehicles, and improve Power grid peak and frequency regulation, security emergency response capabilities.


4. Promote the integrated development of fuel cell vehicles and the hydrogen energy industry. Explore the creation of a low-carbon, intelligent, and high-safety hydrogen energy supply system to promote the integrated development of industries. Carry out precise purification of industrial by-product hydrogen, improve the quality of hydrogen for vehicles, and promote the transition from industrial by-product hydrogen to green hydrogen production. Establish an intelligent dispatching system to promote real-time load monitoring, supply and demand forecast analysis, and information sharing and integration of hydrogen refueling stations. In-depth research on the safety protection technology of hydrogen refueling stations and oil (gas) hydrogen combined construction stations, and build a safety standard system for the whole process of hydrogen energy supply.​​


4. Safeguard measures


(1) Strengthen organizational leadership. Improve the provincial new energy vehicle industry development working mechanism, coordinate the promotion of the province's new energy vehicle industry development, guide the industrial layout, study and improve policies, and coordinate and solve major problems. Relevant provincial departments shall, according to the division of responsibilities, jointly promote the implementation of key tasks.


(2) Strengthen policy support. Coordinate financial funds and special funds, and explore the establishment of a market-oriented new energy vehicle industry development fund. Based on the industrial development goals, research and formulate supporting policies and supporting measures with strong driving force, good demonstration effect and wide coverage, and strive to ensure the development of the new energy automobile industry. Improve the statistical system of the new energy vehicle industry, strengthen monitoring analysis and dynamic research and judgment. If the previous policy is inconsistent with this opinion, this opinion shall prevail.


(3) Strengthen talent support. Optimize the talent policy, and actively introduce innovative teams and top talents in the fields of new-generation power batteries, fuel cells, and automotive intelligent terminals. Encourage universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises to cooperate, strengthen on-the-job training of technical personnel, and deliver automotive engineering technology and industrial skilled talents.


(4) Strengthen the drive of projects. Insist on project is king


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