The annual promotion of new energy vehicles in Shanghai has reached a record high!

The Shanghai Municipal Commission of Transportation released the "2021 Annual Report on Shanghai Green Transportation Development" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report"). The "Report" shows that in 2021, the total mileage of the city's rail operation lines will reach 831 kilometers, and the dedicated bus lanes will reach 508.5 kilometers. The accuracy rate of bus arrival forecasts will reach 97%. While transportation in Shanghai continues to recover, the transportation structure and energy structure With continuous adjustment and optimization, the annual promotion volume of new energy vehicles is 254,000, the utilization efficiency of transportation energy has been continuously improved, and the overall level of transportation environment has improved.
23 2022/06

The State Council deploys a series of measures to promote automobile consumption and support the consumption of new energy vehicles

The executive meeting of the State Council held on the 22nd focused on promoting automobile consumption, and deployed a series of policy measures from various aspects. The implementation of the policy is expected to increase automobile and related consumption by about 200 billion yuan this year.
23 2022/06

Anhui Province received 380 million yuan in incentive funds for charging facilities supported by the central government

In terms of improving the supporting infrastructure system and speeding up the construction of the charging and swapping service network, we will accelerate the improvement of the residential charging network based on intelligent and orderly slow charging, supplemented by emergency fast charging, and the public charging network based on fast charging and supplemented by slow charging. And encourage the application of battery swap mode and business model innovation, support vehicle companies and third-party operators as the main body to explore the construction of a batch of battery swap stations, and form a battery swap network with convenient services. Regarding the long-distance charging issue of social concern, Anhui stated that it will speed up the construction of the intercity charging and swapping network, and make full use of the parking spaces in the expressway service area to build intercity fast charging stations and swapping stations.
22 2022/06

Chengdu's policies and measures to optimize energy structure have been released: 200 yuan/kW construction subsidy for DC piles, and 4,000 yuan/pile subsidy for private parking spaces

The official website of the Chengdu Municipal Government issued the "Chengdu City Optimizing Energy Structure to Promote Urban Green and Low-Carbon Development Action Plan" (referred to as the "Action Plan") and "Chengdu's Policy Measures for Optimizing the Energy Structure to Promote Urban Green and Low-Carbon Development" (referred to as "Policy Measures") two. This document clarifies the specific goals, tasks and measures for optimizing the energy structure to promote the green and low-carbon development of cities.
22 2022/06

To promote green development, Chongqing accelerates the layout of new energy vehicle charging piles

In recent years, Chongqing has built a total of 138 expressway charging stations (552 DC charging piles), forming the “one ring and ten beams” expressway charging service network with the densest distribution per unit area in southwest China, and the coverage rate of expressway service areas exceeds 90%.
21 2022/06

Implementation Opinions of Zibo City on Accelerating the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles

1. Coordinate and promote the construction of infrastructure such as charging and swapping, hydrogen refueling, etc. In accordance with the appropriate advanced requirements, the construction of electric vehicle charging and swapping infrastructure and hydrogen refueling stations shall be advanced in a classified and orderly manner. From 2022, new or renovated and expanded residential projects shall be equipped with electric vehicle charging infrastructure at a ratio of not less than 15% of the parking spaces. The remaining parking spaces shall be reserved for construction and installation conditions, and the design, construction and acceptance shall be synchronized with the main building. Promote the reconstruction and construction of internal parking lots of party and government organs, public institutions, enterprises and institutions, and provide special parking spaces for new energy vehicles in the same proportion as new energy official vehicles, and provide convenient charging conditions for personal passenger new energy vehicles. Promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional gas stations. By the end of 2022, all qualified traditional gas stations will be equipped with three or more charging piles.
21 2022/06
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