Smart Charging Scenario Solution

Smart Charging Scenario Solution


Application scenarios

◎According to customer needs, we can provide electric vehicle charging piles with different functions and styles.

◎Not only to meet the needs of public transport groups and taxi companies for charging stations, but also to provide mature customized solutions for users in specific scenarios and environments.

◎For large-scale charging stations and open parking spaces, we provide solutions for centralized charging stations in metropolitan areas.

◎For toll parking lots, company internal parking lots, car operating company parking lots and other scenarios, we provide commercial distributed charging station solutions.

◎For intercity expressways, highways and other scenarios, provide high-speed network solutions.

◎For scenarios such as private cars and private parking in residential areas, we provide solutions for fixed-point charging stations in residential areas.


智能充电场景解决方案Metro Centralized Charging Station Solution

Cities and surrounding areas are the most concentrated areas of new energy vehicles at present and in the future. Efficient use of large parking lots and other public parking lots in the city and surrounding areas to solve the fast charging demand for new energy vehicles. Zhengzhou Senyuan New Energy has strong experience in scientific research, production, station construction, maintenance, etc., and has tailor-made "light-storage-charge" integrated charging stations for many cities and achieved synchronous management through the network cloud platform to maximize the use of charging stations. efficiency. The core advantages of the metro centralized charging station solution lie in safety, reliability, energy saving and environmental protection, as well as high efficiency and convenience.




Commercial Distributed Charging Station Solutions

Building an urban charging network and making effective use of commercial integrated parking lots such as hotels, supermarkets, and company office areas can efficiently extend areas that centralized charging stations cannot reach. According to the distributed layout of commercial scenarios, Zhengzhou Senyuan New Energy utilizes existing parking spaces to install charging equipment, relieves the pressure on centralized charging stations, and provides more considerate and reliable services for charging car users. The core advantages of commercial distributed charging station solutions are convenient billing, safety and reliability, and high efficiency and savings.



High-speed network solution

With the rapid development of new energy charging vehicles, users of charging vehicles are no longer satisfied with the way of driving and traveling in the city. Letting more users go further has always been the goal and mission of Senyuan people. Build charging stations along intercity expressways and expressways to meet the continuity of user charging needs, open up the charging guarantee lines of intercity expressways and expressways, and spread charging stations in a mesh. The core advantages of the high-speed network charging station solution are structural optimization, reasonable layout, speed and convenience.



Community fixed-point charging station solution

As the main charging method for charging car users, home charging piles meet the daily charging needs of customers. Zhengzhou Senyuan New Energy's AC chargers have small footprint, powerful functions, multiple styles, high safety and high reliability, meeting the needs of charging car users. The core advantages of the residential fixed-point charging station solution are safety and reliability, space saving, convenient installation and strong compatibility.



Environmental protection and energy saving photovoltaic charging station solution

The top of the charging station carport and surrounding buildings is covered with solar panels that absorb solar energy to charge electric vehicles. After the charging is completed, the electricity will be supplied to the national grid, saving energy and protecting the environment. The charging station can be stationed in various commercial partners to form a new energy commercial complex integrating charging services, entertainment, and example. Interact with various commercial information sets to provide centralized services for charging users and provide a more efficient charging experience.

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