Smart City Solutions

Smart City Solutions


Smart city is the use of information and communication technology to sense, analyze, and integrate various key information of the core system of urban operation, so as to make intelligent responses to various needs including people's livelihood, environmental protection, public safety, urban services, and industrial and commercial activities. . In recent years, Senyuan New Energy has closely followed the government's 5G city construction concept and independently developed 5G smart lighting and 5G smart traffic control systems. Among them, 5G smart street lights have been installed and applied on Hanghai Road, the demonstration section of the "One Ring, Ten Horizontal and Ten Vertical" road comprehensive reconstruction project in Zhengzhou City; 5G smart traffic control system has been applied to Rebecca Avenue in Xuchang City. In the future, Senyuan New Energy will use advanced information technology to realize the intelligent management and operation of the city, thereby creating a better life for the people in the city and promoting the harmonious and sustainable growth of the city.




Intelligent facility management platform

Intelligent facility management platform covers: street light control, map monitoring, energy consumption analysis, strategy management, report management, basic information, fault alarm, weather sensor monitoring, video monitoring, charging pile management, one-key calling, LED screen, WIFI management, etc. Function, real-time view of the operation of all equipment on site, and accurate access to real-time data of all equipment.




Control principle: Through the centralized control platform, the control and management of intelligent equipment systems such as public lighting, night scene lighting, fire alarm, video monitoring, information release, background music, energy consumption measurement, passenger flow statistics, parking management and other intelligent equipment systems are integrated into one management interface, So as to achieve the goals of "centralized management", "decentralized control", "system linkage" and "optimized operation". The platform adopts an advanced hierarchical software design structure, and a mature, stable and reliable system has been successfully developed by using distributed software and object-oriented technology.

System functions

◎ Permissions can be assigned ◎ Full-featured ◎ Easy to operate


Smart Park Solution

Features of smart smart park system:

◎ Build public cloud service applications and park management applications in the smart park, promote the intelligence of the park operation management system and service diversification, and improve the overall service level;

◎ Open up a new sustainable operation model and profit space, and form a virtuous circle of operating profit in the park;

◎ By building a more efficient and economical smart park operation management platform, using software, services, and Internet of Things technologies to improve park management efficiency, and improve the industrial service level of the park to improve the clarity, efficiency, flexibility and response speed of services. service required;

◎ The efficiency of resource utilization in the park, the management level of the park and the quality of efficient services have been comprehensively improved, which has promoted the sustainable and rolling development of the park.



Smart Parking Solution

The scheme realizes the functions of parking space data collection, status monitoring, parking space search, online payment, charging management, law enforcement supervision and other functions through the mode of "geomagnetic + cloud platform + POS machine + APP".

Smart smart parking highlights:

◎ Only the car sensor is needed, no node controller is needed, which greatly reduces the equipment cost;

◎ The project is very simple, no need to erect poles or power supply on the side of the road, the construction coordination management is greatly simplified, the implementation speed is fast, and the debugging is convenient;

◎ It can cover parking spaces anywhere in the city, including scattered parking spaces everywhere, and easily realize the digitalization of parking in the whole city.




Smart fire detection system

The fire hydrant monitoring system is divided into three parts, intelligent fire hydrant cap, monitoring center and client. The three parts exchange data through NB-IOT wireless communication to form an information chain.

Highlights of the intelligent fire monitoring solution:

◎ The intelligent fire hydrant monitoring system can monitor the fire hydrants all day, and can realize the unmanned monitoring mode, which greatly saves labor costs and solves the problem of requiring a lot of manpower to verify;

◎ Handling emergencies in a timely manner, the system can prompt inspectors after an accident to go to the accident site for investigation and maintenance;

◎ The accuracy of the alarm, the equipment inside the intelligent fire hydrant door cover can feedback the alarm information in real time, so that the inspectors can confirm the target more accurately, reduce the error reporting situation, and reduce the wrong judgment of the inspectors.


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